2019 Head for the Hills: Speaker PowerPoint Presentations

Thank you for joining us at our annual CME conference hosted at the BREAKS. To access the slides our speakers presented, please click on any of the links below:

  1. David Beckner, MD Cardiologist: BECKNER-h4th
  2. Jeffrey LeBoeuf, GME and Rotations Chief Officer, LMU-DCOM: LEBOEUF-h4th
  3. Nicholas Pennings, DO, FOMA: PENNINGS-h4th
  4. David Thompson, MD, Diabetes, IM: THOMPSON-h4th
  5. Ashley Masterson, PGY3, Lonesome Pine Family Medicine Residency: MASTERSON-h4th
  6. Matt Loos, MD, VP and CMO for Ballad SW Market: LOOS-h4th
  7. Kevin Myers, PhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist: MYERS-h4th
  8. Casey Carringer, Director of Clinical Engagement for Population Health: CARRINGER-h4th
  9. Michael Kahn, MD, Psychiatrist: KAHN-h4th
  10. Nirav Patel, PGY1 Internal Medicine Resident at Johnston Memorial Hospital: PATEL-h4th


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