2023 ‘Head for the Hills’ CME Conference

Breaks Interstate Park
October 13-14th, 2023
Breaks, VA 24607

Free for primary care/hospitalist physicians and nurse practitioners working in Southwest Virginia’s 13 counties

CME Lectures: 8 am – 12 pm each day
Friday afternoon activities will be planned at the park.

View 2023 Agenda

PDF Flyer


In order to prevent expenses lost for no-shows,
there will be a $25 fee per room for lodging.

1 thought on “2023 ‘Head for the Hills’ CME Conference”

  1. Great to see Head for the Hills is still going strong woitl an excellent website!

    Gary Crum PhD, MPH
    A previous GMEC Ex. Director

    PS. I am in retirement now leading a small church in Lebanon, VA

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