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The Graduate Medical Education Consortium of Southwest Virginia serves 13 counties and the cities incorporated within them:

  • Lee
  • Scott
  • Wise
  • Bland
  • Carroll
  • Grayson
  • Smyth
  • Washington
  • Wythe
  • Dickenson
  • Buchanan
  • Russell
  • Tazewell

SWVA GMEC prioritizes funding that facilitates the following goals:


  • Amplifying expertise from within SWVA’s health profile to national prominence through presentations at medical and public health conferences, etc.
  • Bringing expertise in best practice and new advances into the graduate medical education profile for GMEC’s service area via training opportunities for faculty or residents who intend to practice in SWVA
  • Recruitment or retention of residents who have demonstrated commitment to a career in SWVA
  • Creating an interactive and mutually supportive work culture across SWVA health systems


  • Retention of regional expertise within the region
  • Funding economically needful students from the service area taking MCAT exams
  • Establishing supportive relationships with students considering medical school and assisting with barrier removal in collaboration with their advisors
  • Supporting faculty development for pre-med essential voices
  • Maintaining supportive relationships with students who went to high school or college within these counties during high school, college or university, medical school and residency
  • Facilitating students from within our service area into medical school


  • Assisting regional medical students in exploring residencies serving SWVA
  • Facilitating regional medical students who promote SWVA medical community expertise via external venues
  • Supporting expertise access for regional medical students in collaboration with medical school faculty
  • Supporting medical students interested in SWVA careers into residency
  • Maintaining relationships with CNP medical students interested in rural careers during residency

Award Guidelines


These awards are typically below $1000 and are pre-approved for reimbursement. As an example, should you want to go to a conference, price your ticket and submit this exact sum as your budget. (Send the actual screen shot; be as specific as possible in your cost assessments.) If the Consortium funds this request based on the application criteria, you will submit your purchased ticket receipt and hotel room bill; the Consortium will write you a personal reimbursement check. PLEASE NOTE: reimbursements for activities that took place before the application was made are not possible.


Projects that build longitudinal activity or partnership with faculty or residents who will remain in the area after graduation may be eligible for up to $5000 funding with proof of impact on the long-term workforce development, infrastructure building, or benefits to the health and wellbeing of Southwest Virginia’s public. Longitudinal studies may be eligible for subsequent year assurances. Program directors are encouraged to submit successive-year studies. Only one such project will be considered per funding year from each program. Cross-program studies are welcome.


Faculty and staff at residency programs who wish to purchase equipment for their programs should fill out page 2 only. You do not need to submit the page for individual applicants. If a resident is asking for equipment that will remain with a program after graduation but be used for a specific project in fulfillment of graduation requirements, complete page 1. Equipment will cap at $5,000 per year per program.


GMEC may consider activities related to those above for faculty or for development by faculty on behalf of pre-med students. Additionally, we fund MCAT test fees (twice) for students, and we may in limited capacity fund activities or research relevant to breaking down medical career barriers. Students geographically close enough to benefit from participation a community nourishment project are encouraged to do so.

Apply for GME Consortium Funding Consideration: