Covid Conspiracies, cultural competency

‘Masks, Misinformation, and Making Do: Appalachian Health-Care Workers and the COVID-19 Pandemic’ book selected to be part of the KU Focus Collection 2023: Global Health

Southwest Virginia GMEC Director Wendy Welch is the book editor

The Knowledge Unlatched Focus Collection 2023: Global Health is a special collection containing 20 front list books from several publishers around one single topical, cutting-edge theme chosen by librarians.

Knowledge Unlatched (KU) is an Open Access organization that facilitates the publishing of Open Access books and journals and makes them freely available worldwide. KU collects funds from libraries and supporting academic institutions each year (during pledging campaigns) and passes them on to publishers to cover the cost of publishing scholarly books and journals Open Access. 

KU is working with libraries worldwide to finance the Collection and your support would be much appreciated. Reach out to the librarians at your institution—including those in Acquisitions, Collection Development and/or Open Access teams—and encourage them to support the initiative. By supporting the initiative with a pledge, they support the publication of your book. We have found that libraries are particularly inclined to participate if they are made aware their funds will directly benefit their own researchers.

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