Featured Speaker: Thomas Ward Bishop

Head for the Hills 2016 is fast approaching! Are you still looking for a reason to join us? Why not attend Dr. Thomas Ward Bishop’s presentation, entitled “BREAKING BAD NEWS: Communicating a Difficult Diagnosis or Lifestyle Change”?

Breaking bad news is not something that most providers are eager to try. Dilbert’s advisor Dogbert says: “Never break bad news…it will only get you in trouble.” And stories abound about how unskilled physicians blundered their way through an important conversation, sometimes resulting in serious harm to the patient. Many patients with cancer, for example, can recall in detail how their diagnosis was disclosed, even if they remember little of the conversation that followed, and they report that physician competence in these situations is critical to establishing trust.

Some providers contend that breaking bad news is an innate skill, like perfect pitch, that cannot be acquired otherwise. This is incorrect. Providers who are good at discussing bad news with their patients usually report that breaking bad news is a skill that they have worked hard to learn. Furthermore, studies of physician education demonstrate that communication skills can be learned, and have effects that persist long after the training is finished.  The aim of this presentation will be to review specific skills and strategies in addressing “bad news” with patients and their families.  There will be active engagement and participation from participants.

Reserve your seat now!

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