Featured Speaker: Kathy Hosig

What will you be doing September 30? Why not join us at GMEC’s annual conference and retreat, Head for the Hills, and learn from our featured experts while enjoying southwest Virginia’s natural beauty?  For just a taste of what we will be offering, take a look at this session summary for Dr. Kathy Hosig, included below.

Nutrition Tips for Your Patients 

Rural residents often face unique and significant barriers to following advice regarding diet and physical activity.  Issues such as poverty, access to healthy foods and safe opportunities for physical activity, lack of social support and limited health literacy may make achieving lifestyle change particularly difficult.  Lessons learned from working with rural and underserved populations will be shared.  Specific examples of strategies to help patients follow your recommendations will be discussed.

Kathy Hosig, PhD, MPH, RD, Associate Professor
Director, Virginia Tech Center for Public Health Practice and Research
Department of Population Health Sciences
Virginia Tech

Don’t miss out; reserve your seat today!

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