Cheap Meds!

We hope everyone enjoyed the 2015 Head for the Hills event!

We’re going to spend the next few weeks reviewing the fantastic presentations.  First up –

Guide to Inexpensive Prescription Medications MelodyProvided by Melody Counts, M.D., M.H.M., District Health Director – Cumberland Plateau Health District (and GMEC board member), the session asked;

“What good do your diagnostics and treatment do if the person can’t afford the medications?”

and proceeded to answer the question and provided an overview of various medication discount programs and guidelines as to how providers could streamline the eligibility process for those program.

Session participants learned how to identify multiple sources of inexpensive prescription medication information for patients and why providing such information is important to one’s medical practice.

Why bother?

“If someone has hypertension and can’t afford their anti-hypertensives, everything you say is worthless. Yes, there are also lifestyle issues, but if patients can’t afford their medication, you’re doing them no good.”



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