If you are a medical doctor or doctor of osteopathy interested in doing a rural rotation in Southwest Virginia, we have several preceptors from whom you could learn. Check out the names below, or contact GMEC for more information.

Tahir Ahmed, M.D.doc
Abdul Almatari, M.D.
Roy Andrews, D.O., FACOFP
Bryan Arnette, M.D.

Christopher Basham, M.D.
Lyle W. Bauman, M.D., F.A.C.S.
C. Jeffrey Begley, M.D.
Mary-Emma Beres, M.D.
Paul Brown, M.D.

Rodolfo Cartagena, M.D.
Todd Cassel, M.D.
Bickley Craven, M.D.
Matthew Cusano, M.D.

Samuel Deel, P., D.O.
Stephen A. DeGray, M.D.
Paul Derden, M.D.

Brian Easton, M.D.
Wesley Eastridge, M.D.

Michael Ford, M.D.

Charles P. Hurlburt, M.D.

George F. “Jeff” Jones, M.D.

Darlene Litton, M.D.
John Scott Litton, Jr., M.D.

James E. McDowell, M.D. white coat
Alice McDowell, M.D.
Gary E. Michael, M.D.
Frederick Moses, M.D.
Emory Allen Mullins, M.D.

Dia Owens, M.D.

Rajni Patel, M.D.
James Thomas Potter, Jr., M.D.
William T. Powers, M.D.

Jennifer Quesinberry, M.D.

Quasir Raza, M.D.
Andrew Rhinehart, M.D.

Tim Schwob, M.D.
Ronald David Shepherd, M.D.
Mary Ann Smith, M.D.
Forrest Swan, M.D.

Glen E. Tate, M.D.
Roy V. Thomson, M.D.
Ann Townsend, M.D.

Robert Walker, wagon
Michael Wheatley, M.D.
Dan C. Worrell, M.D.

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