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In the seemingly beehive-like flow of the airport, an individual was asking an employee for words to be repeated. They seemed unfamiliar with what was routine to the employee and others in the airport. There was a line beginning to form as the situation continued. As an observer, I took stock of the situation before me. I’ve been in unfamiliar situations before making mistakes. I could see a grandparent of mine in the same situation at the airport. I have also been an hourly employee with a task-focused job.

I continued to observe. Both people showed signs of frustration and on the part of the passenger – confusion. As the interaction concluded successfully, I noticed the passenger seemed worn down, perhaps embarrassed. The other party did not seem much better.

I considered what had just unfolded and the negative start to the day for those involved and the missed opportunity for a fulfilling interaction. We’ve all held up the line or love someone who has. We know about the daily grind of completing our tasks. But the line, the computer chirping – those are miniscule, fleeting concerns. The concern is how we treat each other and as a result the world we create. Ultimately, we are in this together.

Jackson Threet, II D.M.D.
Carilion Clinic Dental Care

Jackson Threet, DMD is a speaker at our upcoming Head for the Hills Conference in November. Threet will be discussing Dentition & Diabetes and Opioid Alternatives for Odontogenic Pain.

View the rest of the agenda here!

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