Lessons Learned

by Dina Weinstein – Richmond Magazine

“I have been in practice for a long time, and I am always humbled when I learn new information from colleagues. I have also learned that we don’t always have the answers and it’s OK to tell your patients that.” —Dr. Stephanie Lacey

The COVID-19 pandemic has lingered over the medical community for more than two years, bringing an array of challenges, hardships and grief. So, when Richmond magazine asked our Top Docs 2022 survey participants to reflect on life lessons learned over the course of their work, many shared how they were affected by the horrors wrought by the novel coronavirus, professionally and in their personal lives.

Some reflected on patients who left lasting impressions, others recounted recent horror scenes of lives taken too soon and threats to their own health and well-being. The force of medical teams was a theme in many of the responses. The mindset that it is a sacred honor to serve and heal came through strongly in many stories, as well as the crucial role compassion and listening play in treating patients.  

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