Ballad Health and ETSU Collaborations for Increased Research on Rural Health

Ballad Health has announced that their 10-year investment in ETSU’s newly established Center for Rural Health Research will include an in-depth study on rural hospitals. Harvard Medical Center will assist with researching how non-urban markets – where a recent surge has forced many hospitals to span across markets and state lines – struggle to keep themselves at a competitive advantage. The new study will also seek to find the predictors of hospital closure and acquisition. The hope for the study is to provide a better informed view of the rural health system for future policy decisions. 

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In addition to this study, Ballad Health’s Strong BRAIN – ‘Building Resilience through ACEs-Informed Networking’ – Institute will shed a light on the impact adverse childhood experiences have on the developing brain. The CDC estimates that “1.9 mil cases of heart disease and 21 mil cases of depression could have been avoided by preventing those events”.   This is key information for SWVA residents seeing as how their health is driven by income, education, access to healthy food, and other social determinants of health.  

Click HERE to read.

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