Get those HftH Registrations in!

We are excited to be hosting Head for the Hills 2017 in the Breaks Interstate Park and it seems you all are just as eager to attend; we only have lodging for 4 attendees (and family) remaining!

If you have been waiting to sign up, the time to do so is now.  We cannot guarantee housing after our block of rooms is fully reserved (we will still accept attendees for the sessions, but lodging will be your own responsibility). To help you decide if this year’s event is for you, one of our session summaries is below.

Josh Dalton, DO: Common Contributors to Pain in Outpatient Medicine – What are the most common reasons people seek treatment for pain in general practice, and what are some practical ways to treat these without prescription? Learn how to implement exercise, yoga, spirituality, even some good clean fun into diverting patients from what hurts to what heals.


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