HFTH 2017: Breaking Down Silos: What Narcotic Agents want Doctors to Know

The theme for this year’s Head for the Hills Conference & Retreat is Prescription Addiction.  GMEC has gathered some of the leading experts on prescription drug misuse from around the state and the surrounding Appalachian region, and we are excited to let them share their knowledge with you!

Over the next several weeks, we will be sharing guest blogs and synopses from many of these featured experts as an introduction to their upcoming presentations at HftH 2017. This week’s featured speaker is Phil Hagwood, Senior Special Agent, Virginia State Police.

Breaking Down Silos: What Narcotic Agents want Doctors to Know. 

Enough with the silos! Here’s what law enforcement can do to help Prescribers, and vice versa. Practical approaches to a very public problem: signs doctors should look for, ways information flow can save lives, and simple steps to easy communication with offices and officers on what’s happening in your area.

And if you haven’t gotten around to it yet, don’t forget to reserve your seat!

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