Head for the Hills Breakout Session

In addition to our agenda full of featured speakers, Head for the Hills 2016 is also offering participants a choice of one of three breakout sessions for a customizable conference experience. The following is a description of one of the three selectable groups.

Insurance 101

To many young physicians, acquiring professional liability insurance is uncharted territory. There may be a mistaken belief that someone else will be taking care of this and that they don’t need to be involved in purchasing this type of insurance. This could not be further from the truth!  It is the goal of this program to look at the types of legal exposures that physicians may be faced with when providing health care services beyond medical school and residency.  This program will also give participants parameters on how to evaluate a company and products that will best serve to protect their assets and reputation.

– Martha Hess, Professionals Advocate Insurance Company

Don’t forget to register.

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