Featured Speaker: William Hazel, Jr.

GMEC is pleased to welcome the Virginia Secretary of Health and Human Resources, Dr. William Hazel, as one of our session speakers during Head for the Hills 2016. Highlights from his official state biography are included below. 

“William A. Hazel Jr. is serving his second term as Secretary of Health and Human Resources for the Commonwealth of Virginia, a post he took in January 2010…During his first term as Secretary, he led the Virginia Health Reform Initiative, helped establish the Virginia Center for Health Innovation, and served as the Founding Chair of ConnectVirginia, Virginia’s health information exchange…He also has co-chaired the Governor’s Task Force on Improving Mental Health Services and Crisis Response with the Secretary of Public Safety and the Lieutenant Governor, and co-chairs the Governor’s Task Force on Prescription Drug and Heroin Abuse with the Secretary of Public Safety…Prior to his appointment as Secretary of Health and Human Resources Dr. Hazel spent 22 years as an orthopedic surgeon in Herndon, Virginia”.

Dr. Hazel will be offering an address on the state of healthcare in southwest Virginia.

We are still accepting conference registration forms.

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