Where Are They Now?

Until the relatively recent past, Virginia had 3 medical schools, UVA, EVMS, and VCU.

Then the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine opened in Blacksburg, then Virginia Tech-Carilion in Roanoke, then the Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Lynchburg.  Other medical schools for Virginia are being discussed as well.

Often, the discussion about a potential new medical school will include comments about needing more doctors in Virginia; or needing to fill gaps in underserved areas.

But do more medical schools = more doctors?

Studies have shown that physicians are likely to stay in the area where they received their residency training.  And in Virginia, that’s not the same as where they went to medical school.

Data provided to us from Medical Society of Virginia demonstrates that of the 693 medical students who were matched with a residency program this spring, only 156 received a match in Virginia.

That’s just over 22%.  693 medical students and only 156 staying in Virginia.

Some states have decided to focus on developing residency programs instead of increasing the number of medical students.  Maybe Virginia needs to consider this as well.

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