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Speaking of Billing…

One of the great presentations at Head for the Hills 2015 was Curbside Consults, Warm Handoffs, Team Meetings: How to Define and Discuss Billing and Coding Practices

Led by Joel Hornberger, MHA and J. David Bull, PsyD of Cherokee Health Systems, the session focused of the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of integrated care.  It noted:

Integration is a means to an end…

  • Improve the health of a population
  • Reduce healthcare disparities
  • Improve access
  • Focus on wellness and prevention
  • Patient centered care
  • Evidence based clinical and program decision making

The session also reviewed the financial aspect of integrated care, looking at how costs can be balanced with revenue.

So if you want,

“The care that results from a practice team of primary care and behavioral health clinicians, working together with patients and families, using a systematic and cost-effective approach to provide patient-centered care for a defined population”

Look into integrated care today!


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