Lodging at the Hills

Oh, the views…170-Stateline-Overlook

One of the highlights of the Head for the Hills event is being able to stay in accommodations with views like this:


If you’ve attended Head for the Hills in the past, note that lodging arrangements are a bit different this year.

You will need to reserve your own room.  For reservations please call BREAKS INTERSTATE PARK directly at 276-865-4414 Ext. 3201.  They will require your credit card to hold the room.

PLEASE NOTE that your card will be charged at the time you make the reservation.  BUT – when you attend Head for the Hills, you will receive a check from us for $75/night (room fees are $70 + tax). This policy has been implemented to preserve funds lost due to no-shows. Everyone who attends will reimbursed for their room costs.

Note that the deadline to reserve a hotel room is September 15th.  That’s also the deadline to cancel a room you have reserved and still be able to get a refund from the hotel.  In the event of problems or questions making a hotel reservation, the park contact is Vickie Swiney (vswiney@breakspark.com 276-865-4413 Ext. 3203).

Because you don’t want to miss out on the views…



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