More Head for the Hills

Here’s a few new session descriptions for the upcoming Head for the Hills event:

Curbside Consults, Bob Franko

Embedding behaviorists into primary care has many benefits in both clinical and financial outcomes, but to achieve those outcomes is often harder than it looks. Cherokee Health Systems (Knoxville, TN) offers a mature integrated practice that has nearly 40 years of development to its credit, today serving over 65,000 patients in 56 clinical locations across 15 counties in east Tennessee.  We will describe the clinical model and define the key roles, as well as talk about the specific billing and coding challenges related to an integrated practice. “Curbside consults,” “warm handoffs,” and team meetings are terms associated with integrated care, but are widely misunderstood by both providers and payers. We’ll define these practices and how to discuss them with payers.

Nutrition Economy in a Food Oasis, Kelley Pearson

Living on a tight budget means careful consideration of food choices. Chef Kelley Pearson discusses how a family of two adults and five kids at the poverty line shops local and eats mostly good stuff. Kelley also runs a restaurant that serves non-processed foods, and has “fought the good fight” on what patrons will and won’t pay to eat. Listen to her witty, wise, and informative discussion of the difference between “medical advice” and “plausible lifestyles” in SW VA. Extra Q&A time has been scheduled so you can get insights from someone who has been there, done that.


Click here for the main event page and here for additional session descriptions.

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