Harassment based on gender, race or other distinctive factors of identity are difficult issues. Statistically, 58% of residents report unwanted sexual overtures during learning activity. The links below give national statistics on sexual harassment in medical learning environments, and show why it is a particular problem during medical school and residency.

If you need someone to talk to, GMEC listens with confidentiality. We will not report what you tell us to anyone unless you ask us to. GMEC offers relevant options so you can make self-directed decisions. If you want to contact administration, we will introduce you to the right person. If you want to tell your story and stop there, we count your experience in our statistics but take no action. All cards are in your hands.

The same is true for concerns regarding inappropriate activities around student or resident racial and ethnic identity issues. GMEC’s contact number is 276-639-7911.



(It is worth clicking on the link to the report embedded in the article above.)

The perils of intersectionality: racial and sexual harassment in medicine

(From the article above, female doctors of color are more likely than male colleagues of color to experience verbal harassment based on race, and equally likely with female white colleagues to be sexually harassed.)





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