ETSU: Addiction medicine fellowship receives initial accreditation

This past month the ACGME granted ETSU’s Family Medicine Addiction Medicine Fellowship their initial accreditation, making it possible for two fellows to begin their education and training by July 2020. In partnership with Ballad Health, the creation of this fellowship has been an effort to introduce evidence-based care to the families and individuals of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

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WJHL: Less opioids, more acupuncture: alternative medicine providers aim to help veterans

In an effort to stray away from heavy medication use, acupuncturists in the Tri-Cities area are seeking ways to treat veterans with PTSD. Former Army veteran, Linda Carter, who has suffered from acute and chronic pain, has welcomed the idea of triggering her body’s natural healing response. In recent months, insurers have even begun to include coverage of alternative treatments into their plans.

Hear Linda and the Licensed Acupuncturists HERE.