Housing Resources

GMEC assists medical students and residents* with rotation housing in the LENOWISCO, Cumberland Plateau, and Mt Rogers health districts of Virginia with rotation housing. We maintain a list of vetted housing options and have funding to assist those in financial need of rental fees.

*GMEC may also assist physician assistants, dental students, occupational or respiratory therapists, and nurse practitioners depending on requests received.

The list of housing is not adjusted to seasonal availability. All inquiries and arrangements must be made directly through owner or contact listed. GMEC has no responsibility for housing decisions or interactions.

Funds for housing assistance are limited, and awarded based primarily on financial need, with consideration of the impact this opportunity will have on SWVA. GMEC prefers to reimburse directly to a property but will consider requests to reimburse individuals who have receipts showing their payments to properties. Reimbursements must be requested within 30 days of the rotation.

To apply for assistance, complete this application form and return to director@swvagmec.com with the subject tag line HOUSING REQUEST.

Permanent Housing – Renting or Buying in SWVA