Head for the Hills 2019

Head for the Hills 2019 is headed back to the Breaks! PLEASE NOTE THIS YEAR’S DATE IS LATER THAN USUAL.

Population Health:   A focus on behavioral health, wellness and lifestyle 

Graduate Medical Education Consortium of Southwest Virginia’s Head for the Hills 2019 BREAKS Interstate Park Oct. 18-19: draft agenda, changes inevitable



The epidemic of obesity:   How did we get here and what can we do?  David Beckner, MD, Cardiologist

Incorporation obesity treatment into routine patient care – guidelines and patient outcomes: Nicholas Pennings, DO, FOMA

Diabetes insights for the Primary Care Provider  – understand how prescriptions interact across diagnoses, weight management and self-efficacy feed each other, and other factors for working with diabetic and pre-diabetic patients: David Thompson, MD, Diabetes, IM

PATIENT VOICES: My weight loss journey – how losing weight (or not) made a patient feel about his own self-efficacy and the medical community at large: Jeffrey LeBoeuf, GME and Rotations Chief Officer, LMU-DCOM

LUNCH, followed by free time: Hay rides before dinner. Family friendly entertainment immediately follows dinner. Afternoon crafts, night hike, and campfires weather dependent at dusk; please bring instruments if you want to slow jam in D, indoors.


Ballad: a physician leadership case study in corporate/community cooperation and challenges – ask questions about Ballad’s plans, and learn ways to be involved in decision-making for SW VA’s future: Matt Loos, MD, VP and CMO for Ballad SW Market

Online Resources for patient self-efficacy in lowering blood pressure, reducing anxiety, and making connections without prescriptions or other costs – an increasing array of free online communities are springing up to help Americans be mindful about wellbeing; learn pitfalls and best practice options: Cami Ostman, MS Marriage and Family Therapy, CEO TNP

Self-management, the Expanded Chronic Care model and how to prescribe health not just meds – Holistic approach to patient well-being, and in placing SWVA within the big picture of the obesity and substance abuse epidemic: Dr. Paula Masters, DrPH, MPH, Vice President of Health Programs, Dept of Population Health, Ballad Health

Mental Health Diagnosis as a PCP: how to tell a problem from a Problem – when you are the first or only provider someone sees, and have limited placement options, what’s best practice?

Box lunches for travel, or stay and enjoy the park.

Each day includes a resident presentation from GMEC’s Rural Residents Research Symposium

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