Head for the Hills 2019

Head for the Hills 2019 is headed back to the Breaks! PLEASE NOTE THIS YEAR’S DATE IS LATER THAN USUAL.

Population Health:   A focus on behavioral health, wellness and lifestyle 

Graduate Medical Education Consortium of Southwest Virginia’s Head for the Hills 2019 BREAKS Interstate Park Oct. 18-19: draft agenda, changes inevitable



The epidemic of obesity:   How did we get here and what can we do?  David Beckner, MD, Cardiologist

Incorporation obesity treatment into routine patient care – guidelines and patient outcomes: Nicholas Pennings, DO, FOMA

Diabetes insights for the Primary Care Provider  – understand how prescriptions interact across diagnoses, weight management and self-efficacy feed each other, and other factors for working with diabetic and pre-diabetic patients: David Thompson, MD, Diabetes, IM

PATIENT VOICES: My weight loss journey – how losing weight (or not) made a patient feel about his own self-efficacy and the medical community at large: Jeffrey LeBoeuf, GME and Rotations Chief Officer, LMU-DCOM

Ashley Masterson, PGY3, Lonesome Pine Family Medicine Residency, “How to address Sex and Sexual Health during Patient Encounters”

LUNCH, followed by free time: Hay rides before dinner. Family friendly entertainment immediately follows dinner. Afternoon crafts, night hike, and campfires weather dependent at dusk; please bring instruments if you want to slow jam in D, indoors.


Ballad: a physician leadership case study in corporate/community cooperation and challenges – ask questions about Ballad’s plans, and learn ways to be involved in decision-making for SW VA’s future: Matt Loos, MD, VP and CMO for Ballad SW Market

Online Resources for patient self-efficacy in lowering blood pressure, reducing anxiety, and making connections without prescriptions or other costs – an increasing array of free online communities are springing up to help Americans be mindful about wellbeing; learn pitfalls and best practice options: Kevin Myers, Licensed Clinical Psychiatrist, Cherokee Health Systems

Self-management, the Expanded Chronic Care model and how to prescribe health not just meds – Holistic approach to patient well-being, and in placing SWVA within the big picture of the obesity and substance abuse epidemic: Dr. Paula Masters, DrPH, MPH, Vice President of Health Programs, Dept of Population Health, Ballad Health

Treating Psychiatric Disorders in the Primary Care Setting:  Expand Interventions Safely: E. Michael Kahn, Psychiatrist

Nirav Patel, PGY1 Internal Medicine Resident at Johnston Memorial Hospital:  “A curious case of fever and chills”

Box lunches for travel, or stay and enjoy the park.

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